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Evo Car

Evo Car interface is designed with youthful modernity to give customers a sense of comfort and comfort when using, with special features that will surely give users a lot of ...

The theme is beautifully designed with product blocks, news, etc. to help you freely display the aesthetics, strengths and bring a comprehensive view of the website.

1. Outstanding search, helping customers find the products they need faster.

2. Outstanding customer segment - Help display information, opinions and photos of customers who have purchased and are using the service. Create trust for customers when visiting the website.

3. Product information is displayed outside, helping customers know the necessary information before visiting the product details

4. Featured product details page includes Overview, Interior, Exterior, Specifications, Cost Estimates. Giving customers the most detailed information about the product. Watch the demo here.

5. The FAQ page, which helps customers find necessary information about purchasing policies, ...

6. Store system page, which allows you to get content from Google Drive, helps webmasters to enter information simply and easily. Watch the demo here

- There are also many attractive features waiting for you to explore such as: Mega menu, product zoom, lightbox, Google Speed ​​optimized interface ...

- Reasonably responsive interface, works well on all devices: PC, Laptop, tablet, mobile phone ...

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