[tomtat]You are a shop owner and you are trading in fashion, beauty cosmetics but have not found a satisfactory interface. Sun Fashion will help you do that easily ....[/tomtat]

Sun Fashion

NST WEB has just launched web products with fashion trends as the main goal, helping the category of products managed by chromosomes become richer.

The interface is designed to be youthful and modern, easy to use, creating a good highlight for all products, helping customers get the best web experience.

With striking design colors aimed at women who like beauty, but the interface still meets the shopping needs of a dedicated sales website.

Convenient mega menu design

Multi-menu menu makes it easy for shop owners to create catalogs for customers to access faster .. helping save time when searching products

Big promotion module with scheduled or ongoing time periods, which enables customers to actively access information and hunt for the best promotions.

Hot-selling product modules are designed to be outstanding

The product module is spread out on the home page, making it easy for shop owners to display their products as they please without having to worry about display issues and additional technical support.

Quickview is easy to use for customers even when they first access the website

Basic features available: AjaxCart, Quickview, Quick login with popular social networks Google, Facebook, Lightbox, Product zoom, Gallery photo gallery ...

The interface is optimized code to help experience smoother speed.

Optimal SEO interface, google Speed ​​insight points ...[/chitiet]

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