[tomtat]Ridecor sales website with the main yellow color and impressive design, bringing a new look to the theme of interior sales. Ridecor is really the ideal choice for internal business website interface ...[/tomtat]

1: Why is Ridecor sales theme suitable for interior selling websites?

Ridecor sales theme is designed with a modern, harmonious layout


Modular blocks are studied and arranged in a harmonious and beautiful way so that customers can easily select the desired product when accessing the website. In addition, impressive image banners are placed at the top of the homepage to help viewers enjoy and create a professional feel for your sales website.

Product module highlights an eye-catching design at the top of the homepage that attracts customers when they visit webisite.

ridecor theme

Located just below the sline, the outstanding product block of this sales webisite interface is attractively designed with two product blocks arranged in harmony, with sharp images, before and after product prices fall. With this outstanding block, you can apply to upload your favorite and best-selling products at the store to increase sales on the website.

The product module is intelligently designed with the product groups tab right next to it so you can get more products.

ridecor products

Your sales website will look much more neat and professional with a product tab designed harmoniously just to the left of the module. You can divide your products into different groups and tabbed to post on the website. This design of sales website interface not only helps you to post many products but also helps customers when accessing the website to easily find the desired product.


News module blocks are luxuriously and beautifully designed.

The news module block, in addition to helping customers catch the trend, interesting information about the store's products can also help your website to climb to the top of Google search. You can often write articles on keywords that have a lot of searches to SEO your website to the top of search engines, bringing your website closer to customers.

Smart product filtering feature

Smart filter feature can quickly search Brand or Supplier color, product type, size ... that you want to find, help customers find any product, whether your website There are thousands of products.

The product detail page is beautifully designed with full features


Product detail page has full features such as zoom, lightbox, photo slider .....

 2. The Rindecor interface is applicable to the following industries:

Just change the banner, text form, color and a little image, you can comfortably do business online with all industries and Rindecor website interface. However, this interface is still particularly suitable for the following industries:

Fashion accessories





With the great advantages of the Rindecor furniture sales web model, we hope that this will be one of the great website interfaces for you to start selling online today.[/chitiet]

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