[tomtat]Inspired by the vivid and vivid butterfly image, Perfume-rise interface gives your website a romantic feeling, soaring, suitable for cosmetics stores, spas ...[/tomtat]


The search bar is located in the center of the header, helping customers easily find the product they want
Vivid display effect with 2 buttons "Buy Now" and "View details" are placed on the product image, stimulating the feeling of customers' shopping.
Perfume-rise template offers a better experience when viewed on mobile and tablet.


The layout is tight, reasonable and easy to follow.
Fast page loading speed, customers do not have to wait long when visiting your website.
Directly integrate your website with popular social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, G +.
Smart menu bar, flexible navigation, contributing to a great experience for customers.
Built-in function to display related products, helping customers easily find products close to their needs.
The contact page has built-in maps, custom zoom so customers can quickly find your store.
With these outstanding advantages, Perfume Rise will definitely give you a beautiful website interface to start an effective online business today.


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