[tomtat]MiniMart is a website interface template designed with vivid photo slide show at the top of the homepage, bright colors attract customers' attention ....[/tomtat]

1. Why is the Minimart website template suitable for your food supermarket website?
Minimart website interface is suitable for industries such as supermarkets, restaurants, food and food stores designed with orange, green color tones, which easily attract first-time visitors. . MiniMart website takes products as a highlight to create the attention of customers on each product. In addition, the Minimart website has the following other outstanding features:

Theme Minimart impressive design, harmonious layout very suitable for food websites, clean fruits
Minimart has made an impression from the beginning with a strikingly impressive photo slide design, the homepage displays the full menu bar, making it easy for your customers to choose the right products according to their needs. .

Besides, the minimart website interface also impresses with 3 banner blocks under the slide to help you introduce special promotions, or the main product to show. From there, customers quickly realize the necessary information from you.

The search bar is integrated right at the top of the website interface, making it convenient from the beginning for customers to visit.

Diverse product module blocks help customers to choose more products
The MiniMart interface focuses on the product, so each module you can display the product image information displayed as needed: Product price, product name, and customer reviews when buying your product.
Theme minimart helps customers have interesting experiences such as going to the supermarket to choose items with diverse and rich items. It is also a part to help customers enjoy your website

Provide 2 module blocks to see catalog and useful tips to help you provide good tips and tricks for customers.
With a list of categories to help customers find and choose the right product for them when needed
Block news tips or provide customers with the necessary information about the know-how, tips, usage of the products you are offering.

The MiniMart template provides you with a smart filter to help customers quickly find products
Smart search filter helps customers quickly filter product information such as: by product price, by size. With just a few simple steps, customers can search for the product information they want, saving maximum time for your customers.

Product quick view feature helps customers to see product details in a most general way:
This product quick view feature helps customers quickly view information about detailed descriptions of products quickly. You can show multiple images so that customers can feel the detail for each product.

In addition, Minimart has a very clear interface layout, providing all the necessary content items for a business website, but the minimart website interface still ensures SEO standards to help your webiste quickly increase. rank above the search engine. In addition, Responsive makes the interface compatible on different devices such as Desktop, Mobile, Ipad ... ensuring all information is clearly displayed on every screen.

2. Which industries are the Minimart interface applicable to?
Simple configuration, easy to change the content information, layout such as: banner, font, color and a little image that you can comfortably do business online in all industries and interfaces MiniMart website. However, this interface is still particularly suitable for the following industries:

Supermarket food
Department Store
Restaurant food
With the above advantages, Template MiniMart will help you to operate a mini supermarket, department store with many food products ... better, we hope that you will have a nice website to be able to start. Online business today


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