[tomtat]Modern interface brings fresh and youthful colors, evokes a sense of relaxation in accordance with the website of spa, cosmetics, spiritual therapist ...[/tomtat]

1. Basic features

Maximum SEO support theme for the website topping up Google and the integration of popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram, .. helps increase thousands of hits.
All teamplate websites are optimized with SEO standards to help your website easily climb to the top of Google, bringing your products and services closer to customers. In addition, connecting with popular social networks makes it easier for you to sell multi-channel sales and reach potential customers.

Exceptional page loading speed, smooth navigation. The "Go to top" button saves guests time.
Brings a great experience for shoppers when exploring products and services on your website. The return button to the top prevents users from having to manipulate the mouse too many times

Responsive technology application interface helps website display beautifully with all models.
No matter what device your customers use to surf the web, the Deaura Spa website template can still display all features, images and content in a beautiful and easy to use way.

2. Deaura Spa interface can be applied to the following industries:
Just change the banner, text form, color and a little image, you can comfortably do business online in all industries and Deaura Spa website interface.However, this interface is still especially suitable for the the following industries:

Fashion - jewelry
Food - restaurant
Phone accessories
Spa- Yoga
Flowers - gifts
With the great advantages of the Deaura Spa template, we hope that this will be one of the great interfaces for you to start selling online today.


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