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[tomtat]You are a shop owner and you are trading in fashion, beauty cosmetics but have not found a satisfactory interface. Sun Fashion will help you do that easily ....[/tomtat]

Sun Fashion

NST WEB has just launched web products with fashion trends as the main goal, helping the category of products managed by chromosomes become richer.

The interface is designed to be youthful and modern, easy to use, creating a good highlight for all products, helping customers get the best web experience.

With striking design colors aimed at women who like beauty, but the interface still meets the shopping needs of a dedicated sales website.

Convenient mega menu design

Multi-menu menu makes it easy for shop owners to create catalogs for customers to access faster .. helping save time when searching products

Big promotion module with scheduled or ongoing time periods, which enables customers to actively access information and hunt for the best promotions.

Hot-selling product modules are designed to be outstanding

The product module is spread out on the home page, making it easy for shop owners to display their products as they please without having to worry about display issues and additional technical support.

Quickview is easy to use for customers even when they first access the website

Basic features available: AjaxCart, Quickview, Quick login with popular social networks Google, Facebook, Lightbox, Product zoom, Gallery photo gallery ...

The interface is optimized code to help experience smoother speed.

Optimal SEO interface, google Speed ​​insight points ...[/chitiet]

[tomtat]Ridecor sales website with the main yellow color and impressive design, bringing a new look to the theme of interior sales. Ridecor is really the ideal choice for internal business website interface ...[/tomtat]

1: Why is Ridecor sales theme suitable for interior selling websites?

Ridecor sales theme is designed with a modern, harmonious layout


Modular blocks are studied and arranged in a harmonious and beautiful way so that customers can easily select the desired product when accessing the website. In addition, impressive image banners are placed at the top of the homepage to help viewers enjoy and create a professional feel for your sales website.

Product module highlights an eye-catching design at the top of the homepage that attracts customers when they visit webisite.

ridecor theme

Located just below the sline, the outstanding product block of this sales webisite interface is attractively designed with two product blocks arranged in harmony, with sharp images, before and after product prices fall. With this outstanding block, you can apply to upload your favorite and best-selling products at the store to increase sales on the website.

The product module is intelligently designed with the product groups tab right next to it so you can get more products.

ridecor products

Your sales website will look much more neat and professional with a product tab designed harmoniously just to the left of the module. You can divide your products into different groups and tabbed to post on the website. This design of sales website interface not only helps you to post many products but also helps customers when accessing the website to easily find the desired product.


News module blocks are luxuriously and beautifully designed.

The news module block, in addition to helping customers catch the trend, interesting information about the store's products can also help your website to climb to the top of Google search. You can often write articles on keywords that have a lot of searches to SEO your website to the top of search engines, bringing your website closer to customers.

Smart product filtering feature

Smart filter feature can quickly search Brand or Supplier color, product type, size ... that you want to find, help customers find any product, whether your website There are thousands of products.

The product detail page is beautifully designed with full features


Product detail page has full features such as zoom, lightbox, photo slider .....

 2. The Rindecor interface is applicable to the following industries:

Just change the banner, text form, color and a little image, you can comfortably do business online with all industries and Rindecor website interface. However, this interface is still particularly suitable for the following industries:

Fashion accessories





With the great advantages of the Rindecor furniture sales web model, we hope that this will be one of the great website interfaces for you to start selling online today.[/chitiet]


1. The theme is designed with a modern and classic style suitable for all types of customers to experience, beautifully displayed with product blocks, advertising banners for event sale, ...

2. In the midst of technological change 4., UX / UI is put on the line of oil. PageSpeed ​​Insights has been changed by Google to cater for UX / UI on. The Mew home interface is built optimally based on close research with this.

3. The special beverage module of the day increases the appeal for your restaurant.

2. In the midst of technological change 4., UX / UI is put on the line of oil. PageSpeed ​​Insights has been changed by Google to cater for UX / UI on. The Mew home interface is built optimally based on close research with this.

3. The special beverage module of the day increases the appeal for your restaurant.

4. Mega menu helps customers have an overview of the product chain that the store is selling, easy to choose to suit the needs.

5. Smart filter helps customers filter products according to their needs quickly

6. Product details are equipped with features:
- Product zoom:
- Swatch premium product version increases the experience when selecting hierarchies in 1 product:
- Lightboxlist product photos:
 There are also many attractive features waiting for you to discover.

- Reasonably responsive interface, works well on all devices: PC, Laptop, tablet, mobile phone ...[/chitiet]

[tomtat]Theme design with modern style, fresh colors create user-friendly feeling. Sunday interface is the right interface for you to start your business, with many customizations will meet ...[/tomtat]

Sunday interface is designed to sell sites about fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, beauty ...

Salient features

Delicate purchase popup, which helps you buy multiple products at once.

Quick view feature helps your customers can view product details quickly with just one click without having to access the product details.

Smart filters help you easily filter the products you need quickly and easily.

The smart shopping cart page makes it easy to add or remove products.

The nice, easy-to-use ordering module appears right on the home page and product details page.

Sign up, log in right at the homepage via a popup.

The small details in the interface are minimalist and sophisticated design

Basic features of a sales website

Ability to customize easily, flexibly, you can easily change colors, images and font sizes to suit each type of product.

Optimize SEO support, friendly search engines especially Google.

Fast page loading speed, smooth navigation, easy to move.


[tomtat]Inspired by the vivid and vivid butterfly image, Perfume-rise interface gives your website a romantic feeling, soaring, suitable for cosmetics stores, spas ...[/tomtat]


The search bar is located in the center of the header, helping customers easily find the product they want
Vivid display effect with 2 buttons "Buy Now" and "View details" are placed on the product image, stimulating the feeling of customers' shopping.
Perfume-rise template offers a better experience when viewed on mobile and tablet.


The layout is tight, reasonable and easy to follow.
Fast page loading speed, customers do not have to wait long when visiting your website.
Directly integrate your website with popular social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, G +.
Smart menu bar, flexible navigation, contributing to a great experience for customers.
Built-in function to display related products, helping customers easily find products close to their needs.
The contact page has built-in maps, custom zoom so customers can quickly find your store.
With these outstanding advantages, Perfume Rise will definitely give you a beautiful website interface to start an effective online business today.


[tomtat]And Mobile website interface is designed for phone shop, mini supermarket, technology goods. Suitable for multi-sector business stores ....[/tomtat]

Salient features

1. The theme is beautifully designed with product blocks, sale program images, etc. to help you freely display the aesthetics, strengths and bring a comprehensive view of the website.

Ant Mobile

2. The shock-absorbing product block is designed prominently, helping to attract more customers into products for sale.

Ant Mobile

3. Smart filter, optimized to help customers have a better shopping experience without spending much time.

Ant Mobile filter

4. The product detail page is designed to display the most optimal product information.

Ant Mobile products

Product detail page includes outstanding features:

Product photos change color according to the selected color.
Display promotion information for each different product. And this information will be added to the order when the customer purchases.
Specifications for each product. Help customers have an overview of products of interest.

- There are also many attractive features waiting for you to discover such as: Sale popup, Ajax Cart, Mega menu, product zoom, lightbox ...

- Reasonably responsive interface, works well on all devices: PC, Laptop, tablet, mobile phone ...

[tomtat]MiniMart is a website interface template designed with vivid photo slide show at the top of the homepage, bright colors attract customers' attention ....[/tomtat]

1. Why is the Minimart website template suitable for your food supermarket website?
Minimart website interface is suitable for industries such as supermarkets, restaurants, food and food stores designed with orange, green color tones, which easily attract first-time visitors. . MiniMart website takes products as a highlight to create the attention of customers on each product. In addition, the Minimart website has the following other outstanding features:

Theme Minimart impressive design, harmonious layout very suitable for food websites, clean fruits
Minimart has made an impression from the beginning with a strikingly impressive photo slide design, the homepage displays the full menu bar, making it easy for your customers to choose the right products according to their needs. .

Besides, the minimart website interface also impresses with 3 banner blocks under the slide to help you introduce special promotions, or the main product to show. From there, customers quickly realize the necessary information from you.

The search bar is integrated right at the top of the website interface, making it convenient from the beginning for customers to visit.

Diverse product module blocks help customers to choose more products
The MiniMart interface focuses on the product, so each module you can display the product image information displayed as needed: Product price, product name, and customer reviews when buying your product.
Theme minimart helps customers have interesting experiences such as going to the supermarket to choose items with diverse and rich items. It is also a part to help customers enjoy your website

Provide 2 module blocks to see catalog and useful tips to help you provide good tips and tricks for customers.
With a list of categories to help customers find and choose the right product for them when needed
Block news tips or provide customers with the necessary information about the know-how, tips, usage of the products you are offering.

The MiniMart template provides you with a smart filter to help customers quickly find products
Smart search filter helps customers quickly filter product information such as: by product price, by size. With just a few simple steps, customers can search for the product information they want, saving maximum time for your customers.

Product quick view feature helps customers to see product details in a most general way:
This product quick view feature helps customers quickly view information about detailed descriptions of products quickly. You can show multiple images so that customers can feel the detail for each product.

In addition, Minimart has a very clear interface layout, providing all the necessary content items for a business website, but the minimart website interface still ensures SEO standards to help your webiste quickly increase. rank above the search engine. In addition, Responsive makes the interface compatible on different devices such as Desktop, Mobile, Ipad ... ensuring all information is clearly displayed on every screen.

2. Which industries are the Minimart interface applicable to?
Simple configuration, easy to change the content information, layout such as: banner, font, color and a little image that you can comfortably do business online in all industries and interfaces MiniMart website. However, this interface is still particularly suitable for the following industries:

Supermarket food
Department Store
Restaurant food
With the above advantages, Template MiniMart will help you to operate a mini supermarket, department store with many food products ... better, we hope that you will have a nice website to be able to start. Online business today


[tomtat]Modern interface brings fresh and youthful colors, evokes a sense of relaxation in accordance with the website of spa, cosmetics, spiritual therapist ...[/tomtat]

1. Basic features

Maximum SEO support theme for the website topping up Google and the integration of popular social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram, .. helps increase thousands of hits.
All teamplate websites are optimized with SEO standards to help your website easily climb to the top of Google, bringing your products and services closer to customers. In addition, connecting with popular social networks makes it easier for you to sell multi-channel sales and reach potential customers.

Exceptional page loading speed, smooth navigation. The "Go to top" button saves guests time.
Brings a great experience for shoppers when exploring products and services on your website. The return button to the top prevents users from having to manipulate the mouse too many times

Responsive technology application interface helps website display beautifully with all models.
No matter what device your customers use to surf the web, the Deaura Spa website template can still display all features, images and content in a beautiful and easy to use way.

2. Deaura Spa interface can be applied to the following industries:
Just change the banner, text form, color and a little image, you can comfortably do business online in all industries and Deaura Spa website interface.However, this interface is still especially suitable for the the following industries:

Fashion - jewelry
Food - restaurant
Phone accessories
Spa- Yoga
Flowers - gifts
With the great advantages of the Deaura Spa template, we hope that this will be one of the great interfaces for you to start selling online today.